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Scuba Tank Valve

DIN, International, K- Valve, A-Clamp, Yoke Connector, DIN 477… sound familiar? Well, you may have already come across these terms on your scuba diving trips. All of them refer to the type of method or valve used to connect your scuba air tank or diving cylinder to the first stage of your regulator set.

Get the best scuba tank valves. They come in a variety of styles, including metal diaphragm and custom aluminum alloy designs that are corrosion-resistant for underwater use. Have your valve serviced every year to make sure it is working properly because you don’t want water leaking into your tank from defective equipment when engaging in more dangerous activities such as diving or snorkeling with sharks!

Scuba tank valves

If you want to buy scuba tank valves or know more about them, we have the best selection and prices. Our metal diaphragm valves are fully tested before they go out for sale so that customers can be assured of quality products. Scuba cylinder valve service is also provided as well as lots of other information on our website such as news, articles and even a blog which offers great insights into this industry!

Spare air scuba tank

The reserve parachute of a skydiver is the reserve breathing system of a SCUBA diver. During out-of-air emergencies, we have supplied divers with the most compact, most reliable redundant system available. Divers who are safety minded should consider using the patented SPARE AIR as standard equipment. When your life is at stake, it seems silly to entrust it to anyone else.