Underwater photography Wet Lens and Filter

Scuba Ware House offers macro and wide angle lenses, as well as Underwater photography Cameras and red filters for improved white balance in available light, to fit many manufacturers’ housings. They generally are a “wet-mount” and can be added, or taken off, underwater. We also offer many different types of adapters to change the size or type of mount for housing ports.

Underwater magic filter

Get the best underwater magic filter for underwater photography. The wide angle lens is great, but sometimes you want something with a little more zoom or magnification to get that perfect shot of fish swimming in their natural habitat without distortion from water pressure!

There are many different lenses and filters that you can use for underwater photography. The best one is the Wet Lenses & Filter because it will allow your images to look amazing!

Dive filters

Get better pictures by adding an Underwater Colour Correction filter to add colour back into your images after they’ve been filtered through salt-less fresh water.