Freediving Fins

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Freediving is a great way to synchronise your body with the water current and dive deep, while enjoying the beauty of marine life. It  is different from scuba diving and  requires a minimal yet special set of gear.  Among the few dive gear that a freediver needs, the freediving fins are what you will usually notice first. They are long, elegant, and the way they bend when a freediver is finning is almost hypnotic.  However, there is a technical reason why freedivers choose freediving fins instead of scuba fins.

Freediving Fins

Why Do You Need Freediving Fins?

There are many reasons why regular scuba diving fins cannot be used for freediving. Freediving fins are specially crafted, prioritising the technical aspect of the sport. They provide better propulsion and withstand more water pressure than regular scuba fins. Below are the key reasons why you need freediving fins. 

  • Efficiency and Thrust: Freediving is done in deep waters where the pressure is quite high. Freediving fins help divers kick their way through the water with minimal effort, making their dive efficient. They make their movements faster and less tiring, enhancing the overall diving experience. 
  • Streamlining and Hydrodynamics: Freediving fins are designed to minimise water resistance and optimise hydrodynamic performance. The streamlined shape, curvature, and materials used in freediving fins are carefully designed to reduce drag and turbulence, allowing the diver to move through the water with minimal resistance. 
  • Foot Pocket Design: Freediving fins typically feature a foot pocket design that provides a secure and comfortable fit. It is designed to efficiently transfer power from the leg muscles to the blade, maximising the energy output with each kick. This snug fit ensures minimal energy loss and allows the diver to maintain better control and stability underwater.

How to Choose a Good Pair of Freediving Fins

If you are looking for a quality pair of freediving fins, as professionals, we can advise you on choosing the best. Here’s what you need to pay attention to when selecting a pair of freediving fins:

  • Blade Length: The length of the blade is a key factor that determines the propulsion and the efficiency of your kicks. While longer blades provide more thrust, many amateurs find it difficult to kick as they require high effort and muscle strength. 
  • Material: Freediving fins are typically made from either fibreglass, carbon fibre, or a combination of both. Fibreglass fins are affordable and flexible, offering a good balance of power and efficiency. Carbon fibre fins, on the other hand, are stiffer and provide maximum power, making them ideal for experienced freedivers.
  • Foot Pocket: The foot pocket of your fins should have a proper snug fit to avoid any discomfort. It is always good to try on different sizes to find what suits you best.

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