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Cressi Ultra Stretch 1.5mm Neoprene Socks

  • 1.5 mm double-lined Ultraspan Neoprene
  • Anti-slip sole
  • Aquastop top sealing

Scubapro D-Flex 2mm Gloves

The D-Flex 2mm glove delivers the perfect balance of warmth and protection for tropical diving. This super-soft glove offers a lot of flexibility for maximum finger dexterity, plus its contoured shape provides a comfortable fit. A textured non-slip palm lets you maintain a good grip.


GOPRO SHORTY POLE GoPro Shorty Pole is a sleek and portable mini extension pole and tripod, ideal for all your on-the-go

GoPro Smart Remote

Long-range remote control for your GoPro. Compatibility: HERO4, HERO3+, HERO3

Gull Rash Guard Short

When scuba diving, skin diving, and doing other marine sports, protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays pouring from the sky and reflecting off beaches and resort buildings. Used for easy mobility, the stretchy material effectively blocks 99% of ultraviolet light. Treated to repel water, the fabric feels silky on the skin, and is comfortable for scuba diving and skin diving.

IST HD11 3mm Aquastretch Hood

IST HD11 3mm Aquastretch Hood • Constructed of 3mm neoprene with soft Aquastretch lining • Super stretch yoke around neck

Cressi Standard 3mm Hood

Cressi Standard 3mm Hood 3mm smooth neoprene hood with watertight seals around the face and neck. It is particularly suitable

IST Hood4 Spandex Hood

• Ultra comfortable tropical hood with collar • Made from high quality spandex • Flat-lock stitching • UV protection applied

Gull Hood


From Gull, the Japanese brand that have brought you all the wonderful dive gears, comes the Gull Hood. Made from 3mm thick neoprene material, this hood is suitable for dives in temperate to cold waters. It is highly comfortable to wear, and stretchy to fit most head sizes.

IST HD10 Beanie

From the IST, that has been around since 1976, comes the IST HD10 Beanie. Made from 3mm thick neoprene material, this beanie is suitable for dives in temperate waters. It is highly comfortable to wear, and stretchy to fit most head sizes. A good hood to have to protect the heads, especially the bald ones, from sunburns during any water sport activities. It also displays great warmth retention ability. One thing to note is that it has two vents located at the top of the beanie. Effective in preventing unwanted pressure or bubbling, and allow air or water to escape the hood easily.

IST HD9 Hood

IST HD9 dive hood is a comfortable 3mm SUPER-STRETCH neoprene hood with taped edges. IST HD9 dive hood protects the head from getting sun burnt when at the surface or for watersport activities.

Sharkskin Chillproof Hood

More than 25% of body heat is lost through the head and extremities of the body. The Sharkskin Chillproof hood design provides the best insulation and protection for cold dives and activities. It can even be worn under a conventional neoprene hood for extra warmth, and is flexible enough to slide off if required and still be comfortable.

Dive wear accessories like gloves, booties, socks, hoods, and many others, are important to have with you on all your diving trips. They offer additional protection when you are driving, on the boat, or beach.

Dive Wear Accessories

Scuba diving accessories

Open heel fins are not designed to be worn bare feet. The straps will cause the skin to chafe, leading to bleeding and blisters. Dive boots and socks add a layer of neoprene between the skin and strap, to give divers more comfort. Walking around the beach and boat without dive boots or socks will be slippy. There may be some coral or shells lying around. Boots and socks also offer additional insulation, depending on the waters you dive in.

Scuba diving accessories

Top scuba diving accessories

Hoods offer more insulation as about 60% of the body heat escapes from the head. Here are a few points to look for when shopping for a good dive hood: Warmth, Coverage, movement, and fit. The thickness will determine the warmest. The more coverage of the face, the less heat lost. Movement of the head as when in water, the hood will be a bit heavier. The perfect fit will allow the hood to function correctly, keeping your hair in place, not tugging on the neck, throat, and face, displacement of water.

Hoods for scuba dive

Waterproof dive gloves

Diving Gloves offer your protection and insulation when diving. It is not advisable to touch sea coral or fish, as it may damage them. But protection is always advised. For beach and underwater clean-up, it will be best to have a pair with you at all times.

With the correct dive wear accessories, you can greatly increase the thermal effectiveness of your wetsuit while protecting yourself from the environment.