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Your Go-To Dive Shop In Singapore

Get everything you need under one roof!

Scuba Diving Gear and Equipment

Are you looking for high-quality diving equipment in Singapore? If so, Scuba Warehouse Singapore is the place for you. At Scuba Warehouse SG, we have a large collection of all kinds of gear and accessories for scuba diving and snorkeling for you to choose from.
From scuba masks to wetsuits and everything in between, we hand-pick top-quality gear from popular brands to get your exciting diving trip covered.

Visit us for the greatest dive shop experience of all time!

Why Do You Need High-Quality Diving Gear?

It is no secret that diving is an adventurous, yet risky aquatic sport loved by many. As your body is not accustomed to breathing underwater, you always need to be prepared to avoid accidents and eliminate dangers.

Having high-quality diving is the key to avoiding mishaps underwater. Being a leading dive shop in Singapore, we have scuba gear from various brands including Scubapro and Cressi.

Shop at Scuba Warehouse to make your diving dream come true!

Get the Basics

Depending on your level of diving and your skills, your dive gear kit includes different equipment. Having all the gear that your level requires is a great advantage to any diver.

If you are a novice diver, you need to have the basic diving gear on.

The list includes,

If you are an advanced diver, you may include additional gear to the list such as,

You may also add various diving accessories to your cart to receive the best diving experience. They include,

  • A dive bag
  • An underwater camera
  • Writing slates
  • A dry box
  • A first-aid kit

What Do We Offer?

At Scuba Warehouse Singapore, we offer a wide range of scuba diving equipment. Our collection includes masks, regulators, dive computers, fins, snorkels, BCDs, hoses, dive lights, wetsuits, compasses, dive bags, weights, rash guards, and much more.

Additionally, we provide excellent diving lessons by expert professionals and our dive shop staff is always ready to provide you with adequate knowledge of the equipment and devices that you are looking for.

Scuba Warehouse SG is the right choice of dive shop in Singapore because,

  • Our collection of diving gear is large and versatile.
  • We come with years of industrial experience.
  • We are strictly focused on the safety and well-being of our customers.
  • Our staff is friendly and supportive.
  • Our diving gear and equipment are available at the most reasonable rates.
  • We are authorized dealers of a number of leading scuba gear manufacturers.
  • We can provide your diving gear with the necessary after-care, repairs, and maintenance.
  • We always give the best value for your money.

Shop at Scuba Warehouse Singapore

All our diving equipment is available both online and in-store for you to make your purchase at your convenience. Browse through our catalog and choose what you need.

At Scuba Warehouse, you are assured to receive high-quality, durable, and reliable diving gear without a doubt!

Scuba Dive Gear

Some Infos

We accept various payment options for your purchase.

Online Purchase:

Stripe Payment gateway is being used for all credit card payments.

You may also scan our PayNow QR Code on the check out page for UEN PayNow option.

PayPal Payment option:

Please email us for this option, so that we can send you the PayPal link.

In Store Purchase:

Cash, UEN PayNow, VISA, Mastercard, AMEX are all accepted in store

Click here for the google map link to our store!

It’s a drive up ramp. You may park outside our shop, or further up at the side.

Please do not park along other units to avoid inconveniencing our neighbours.

Monday-Saturday: 1100-1900 hrs

Sunday: 1100-1600 hrs

Public Holiday: Closed

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Ready stock on equipment for scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming, and any other watersports. So you can rest assured that we carry the most variety to suit anyone, and any size.

Dive Gear Rental

We offer diving gears rental for scuba diving, photo shoot, snorkelling and other water activities.

Equipment Servicing

Scuba dive equipment servicing should be done annually or as per manufacturer’s recommendation. This ensures that your gear is always trustworthy and keeping you safe!

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