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Scubapro Air2 Octopus

So if you're ever looking for a reliable backup reg that's easily within reach, can act as a BC inflator/deflator, and helps streamlines your dive profile by eliminating a dangling octopus hose, then this is the one to look for!

Atomic SS1

The Atomic SS1 is the newest and most sophisticated product of its type, taking the concept to new levels of convenience, reliability and performance. It contains a high flow second stage that performs on the same level as many high performance second stages. It will deliver high flow rates to a diver at depth with a minimum of effort. It is, however very stable and not prone to unnecessary free-flow or leakage from water movement while swimming, or during entries or exits. The inflator/deflator is easy to operate with soft surfaced buttons placed where they can be easily operated with one hand. One of the most unique features of the SS1 is its adaptability to almost any BCD. Atomic has designed a set of adapters (patent pending) to fit virtually every poplar BCD brand available. The adapters also include components for attaching the cable exhaust feature of your existing BCD (if applicable). The SS1 features a quick disconnect not only on the low-pressure hose, but the BCD hose as well. The adapters that fit the SS1 to the BCD are connected to the SS1 with a threaded collar that can be easily unscrewed to detach it completely from the BCD. Now you can carry or store the SS1 with your primary regulator of gauges (patent pending).

Get the best Diving regulator air-2.

A diving regulator or demand valve is a device that reduces high pressure from an oxygen cylinder to ambient pressure for inhalation by the diver. They are used in scuba and surface supplied breathing gas systems, where two regulators will be required so one can safely breathe at any given time. The first ones developed were single hose design but modern versions have evolved into 2 independent hoses allowing divers more freedom of movement while underwater as well as being safer should both accessories malfunction although this happens very rarely due to strict quality control regulations during manufacture process