Waterproof 1mm Neoskin Wetsuit

A Scuba Full Suit is the best suit for scuba diving. Men’s and women’s wetsuits can be found here at DiveGearExpress.com! Check out our standard dive dress, or we also have a wide range of ladies’ suits if that interests you more!

Scuba Full Suits

You can get all kinds of scuba diving suits at the Scubaware House! Whether you’re looking for a men’s full suit, a women’s full suit, or just simple booties and gloves – we’ve got it. We strive to provide our customers with high-quality gear that is perfect for their needs, so they can focus on enjoying themselves underwater rather than worrying about what equipment will be safe and comfortable enough.

Scuba Accessories
We have standard dress suitable for tropical waters in bright colors such as yellow/blue which makes them easy to spot if dropped overboard; semi-dry compatible wetsuits made from neoprene giving maximum thermal protection without restricting movement while still being flexible enough to allow divers complete freedom of action even when wearing heavy weights belts.