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Backscatter Mini Flash MF-1

  • Compact yet powerful flash
  • Great for compact camera shooters
  • Easiest macro strobe for compact, mirrorless, and SLR
  • Optional Optical Snoot for more creativity
Battery & Charger NOT Included.

Backscatter Optical Snoot OS-1

Snoots add that desired level of separation between subject and background by severely reducing the diameter of the flash beam, allowing you to exclusively light the subject and preserve a clean, dark background.

Best Backscatter MW-4300 Video Light to Buy Online

The Backscatter Video Macro Wide Light is a great compact but powerful light that pairs well with many different video situations. The 85 degree wide angle beam is calibrated at the factory for a colour temperature of 6000K so that pairs of lights will always match in colour temperature. Battery & Charger is not included

X-Adventurer M2500-WSRBA 4in1 Smart Focus Video Light

The M2500-WSRBA is a all in one Smart Underwater Photo / Video light, build-in 2500 lumens  Flood Video light, 300 lumens Snoot Light, 200 lumens Red focus light and 6W Blue light. The light support Auto Flash-Off (Shuts off light automatically for half a second when strobe is fired ). Build-in battery level indicator. Two Push Button easy operation with one hand. Comes with a YS mount, easy installation to your camera arm system.

X-Adventurer M6000-WRBT Underwater Video Light

X-Adventurer M6000-WRBT Underwater Video Light (Wide light + Red light + Blue light + Ambient light) X Adventurer M6000-WRBT Underwater Video

X-Adventurer M1000-WRA Video Light

M1000-WRA is a Light weight and compact design video light, build-in 1000 lumens flood light and 200 lumens red light. The light support Auto-Shut-Off (Shuts off light automatically for half a second when strobe is fired ). Rechargeable Li-ion battery. The control push buttons allow easy operation with one hand. Build-in battery level indicator. The light comes with a YS mount, easy installation to your camera arm system.

If you’re looking for the best underwater Strobes and Lights, whether it’s for photography or videography, check out our list of top-notch options.

Night diving equipment

On low visibility and night dives, underwater strobe lights and marking lights can be used to identify the location of anchors, up-lines, or meeting points. A bright steady light is provided by these marking lights, which are designed to be visible from any direction. These devices produce 360° bursts of intense light, not just a ‘blinking light’. These lights are all suitable for use under water or above ground. The strobe light is the most effective way of signaling your location when it is viewed from the surface. Even in full daylight, the Strobes are effective at signaling, but their range is also limited.

Underwater strobe lights

When you’re underwater, it’s extremely difficult to take good photos. It doesn’t matter if your subject is in bright sunlight or shadowy darkness; the water absorbs light and renders colors muted at best. But when you use an external flash like a strobe unit, natural lighting takes on unprecedented beauty (Source: Peltier).

When photographing under water with little visibility, using lights such as a strobes can help enhance images by providing more depth and color than would otherwise be possible without artificial illumination.