Scuba dive gear Equipment Maintenance is very important when you own your scuba set. Just like your car, it requires annual inspection and servicing when it’s due to ensure its peak performance wherever you dive. Scuba Warehouse is dedicated to doing this, and we pride ourselves in ensuring that our service technicians are properly certified and updated regularly through workshops conducted by the authorised personnels of the brands we carry. Equipment Maintenance  and taking care of your scuba set will ensure a safe and hassle free dive, allowing the gears to serve you to their best in their optimise life span.

Take a look at our dedicated diving equipment Maintenance room and all the special tools and service kits for individual brands of regulators, dive watch, BCD and more, ensuring only the correct parts are used for your dive gear, with the professional skills and proper care from a fellow diver. You can even exchange some advise with him while having your equipment serviced.

BCD Maintenance

You need to service your power inflator and your alternate air tool as part of the annual maintenance. This is to prevent your BCD from auto-inflating or leaking when in use. Plan for your equipment servicing before your next dive now.

RATES FOR BCD Maintenance:

  • BCD Inflator @ SGD 80
  • Air Source (Air 2) @ SGD 120


We offer quick turn around time of 30 mins! All battery change service comes with a chamber test ensuring its reliability. All o-rings are checked and changed when necessary. Equipment servicing has not being any simpler.


  • Battery change with chamber test @ SGD 85
  • Transmitter battery change @ SGD 85

REGULATOR Maintenance

Your life support system underwater requires the annual equipment servicing as recommended by manufacturers. Your regulator set will be maintained using the original service kit.


  • Regulator set with service kit @ SGD 220 per set
  • Environmentally sealed regulator @ SGD 55 additional for Oxygen grease

Unserviceable brands / models: 

  • All models of Poseidon regulator
  • Sherwood SR1 regulator
  • all models of Dacor regulator
  • Mares Nemo / Excel dive computer
  • Suunto Spyder / Mosquito dive computer