Dive Boots

Scuba divers and snorkelers wear dive boots, also called scuba wetsuit boots or booties, for warmth, comfort and protection. These cressi dive boots are designed to be worn with open-heel dive fins, which feature an adjustable heel strap to hold the fin on the foot. If you use closed-heel fins, you do not need them. Closed-heel fins are designed to fit closely to your foot. Scubapro diving boots are also used in surfing, kayaking, sailing and other water sports.

Dive Boots

They will help keep your feet safe so you can focus on enjoying the dive and not worrying about a bleeding foot.

Boots provide comfort for your feet. Diving fins with a strap around the heel are not designed to go against bare skin. While you’re swimming and those fins are going up and down, the strap is going to chafe the skin causing bleeding or blisters. Diving boots put a layer of neoprene between the strap and your skin making the dive much more comfortable.

Scuba Dive Boots

Depending on the water temperature, you may need those boots for warmth during the dive. It’s well known that when our bodies get cold, we  naturally focus on keeping our torso warm and less blood flows to the extremities. That extra layer of neoprene on your feet will make a big difference in keeping you warm while diving in cooler water.

The boots may be optional, but there are several reasons to have them on hand for every dive. It’s often hard to predict what situations you may encounter. At the very least, you can take them along and not use them if you decide against it.