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Scubapro Dry Bag 45L

This mid-size dry bag is the ideal carrier to transport your gear and protect it from water, sand and dust while out on diving tours or other outdoor activities. The backpack-style bag is 100% dry, thanks to a super-tough fabric blend – 85% 500D nylon and 15% polyester backed by a TPU coating. The roll-and-close system is super-easy to use, and an outside zippered pocket keeps smaller items accessible. A comfortable padded backpack system makes for effortless gear hauling.

Gull Water Protect Snorkeling Rucksack Ⅲ

The Gull Water Protect Snorkeling Rucksack III is a 24L haversack style dry bag. Great for any outdoor activities to protect electronics from water.

Gull Snorkelling Mesh Bag


Gull Snorkelling Mesh Bag is made to meet the requirements of those in the active scene. You can fit in all your light gear inside, including a wetsuit, and even rinse it all in the bag. This makes it much easier to carry all your gears compactly stowed in a bag. This is the kind of marine-sports bag that makes life easier for scuba diving, skin diving, snorkelling and other water-sport activities.

Scubapro Mesh Sack

This lightweight nylon mesh backpack is the perfect carryall for snorkelling gear or tropical dive gear. The durable soft mesh material is strong enough to hold a lot of cargo. A new two-strap backpack system makes hands-free gear carrying easier than ever.

Gull Fin Bag GB-7145

Perfect bag for your Gull Barracuda or Gull Skin fins! This bag comes with a blade guard to protect the fin blade tips!

Gull Water Protect Bag Tote

The Gull Water Protect Bag Tote is a 91L tote bag that lets you carry your wet equipment around without the worries of soaking your surrounding.

Tusa BA0203 Roller Bag (Medium)

Tusa BA0203 Roller Bag is well built and durable for all types of travel. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or an extended trip out of the country, this bag will suit all your scuba diving needs.

GULL Square Mesh Bag

GULL Square Mesh Bag is less prone to salt clogging, large zip teeth make the bag easier to open and close.

Cressi Piovra Fin Bag

The Piovra backpack bag is perfect for sport spearfishing and Freediving equipment. It is made of water-repellent DRY material, even if not watertight.

Cressi Piper Bag

Capacity: 50 lt - 13.2 gal Weight: 2.9 kg | 63.93 lb Dimensions: 35 x 19 x 55 cm | 13.7x 7.4 x 21.6 inches

Problue BG-8591 Deluxe Fin Bag

Problue BG-8591 Deluxe Fin Bag 420 denier nylon fabric and interior with PVC coating. Two tone colors fabric design with

Aqualung Explorer Regulator Bag

The perfect bag for protecting your regulators and organising your dive kit. The padded air mesh side walls and PE boards protect your delicate gear while also allowing it to dry quickly.

Dive bags come in a huge range of varieties from simple mesh bags to all singing and dancing roller bags and that is because a dive bag can mean something completely different from one diver to the next. Choosing the right bag for you will depend entirely on what YOU need it to do.

When looking at a dive bag it is surprisingly important to think about what you want it for and you might even find yourself with a selection of bags to suit different jobs. One might be your everyday general duffel style dive bag but you might have a lightweight wheeled bag for travelling and a drawstring mesh bag to store your bits and pieces on the boat.

The best dive bags are spacious, comfortable to carry, easy to organise, and will protect the gear you’ve invested in. And most divers agree, you don’t want to leave home without one.

What type of bag works well for you will depend on how much equipment you own, what conditions you’ll be diving in, and how far you’re traveling. But don’t worry, there are plenty of high-quality models to choose from perfectly suited to your needs.

SourceYour scuba gear is bound to remain intact after several years of continuous use if you store it in a spacious and tough bag that is easy to transport when traveling from one diving destination to another.

SourceWhile some dive bags are meant for storage purposes only, others are compatible with air and ground travel as well. Depending on the weight of your load that includes a wetsuit, swimming fins, a diving computer, and a diving mask, you can choose any scuba bag in between big, compact, affordable, and luxurious models.

With a good variety of dive bags for you to choose from, your next dive will be an ease while you travel in style.