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Dive Fins

Dive Fins are categorised into three main category. Scuba Fins are important because all propulsion effort is produced by the fins. It is important to choose the correct fins for an individual. The ladies will not have the same muscle built same as a Navy Seal.

Full Foot Fins

Full Foot fins are again categorised into snorkelling fin and Scuba diving fins. Snorkelling fins are usually shorter than the diving ones. It is also softer in nature. For the diving full foot fins, it is usually stiffer. They are also well loved by the dive crew on live on boards, because there is no need to wear any booties to go along with these fins.

Open Heel Fins

Open heel fin will require the use of booties, whether a high cut booty or a low cut booty. The booties will offer good protection against rocks and sand during beach dives. Prevent slipping on the ladder when you climb out the boat. These are some advantages of the Open Heel Fins. The fins either has a bungee or an adjustable strap, this allows the diver to do individual preference adjustments.

Jet Fins

Commercial divers and Technical Divers will pledge on these fins. Navy around the world has been using the indestructible fins since the early days of diving. They are much shorter and stiffer by nature, thus offering lots of power of thrust when you propel them. But some points to take note is that we do not recommend this fins to beginners or lady divers as it might be sometimes too hard to propel. This in return causes cramps for the diver.