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Scubapro Spectra Dry Snorkel

Scubapro Spectra Dry Snorkel is designed to be the perfect companion to Scubapro's Spectra masks, the restyled snorkel is nothing if not the ideal snorkel.

Gull Super Bullet Snorkel

Gull Super Bullet Snorkel is the top end of snorkel from G series of Gull Line. 100% made in Japan. Extremely easy to clear with twin purge valve technology.

Gull Leila Stable Snorkel

Gull Leila Stable Snorkel is the ideal snorkel for women who want easy water clearing and stress-free surface movement during scuba diving and skin diving.

Tusa SP-0101 Hyperdry Elite II Snorkel

The new TUSA SP-0101 Hyperdry Elite II snorkel combines all of the best features of TUSA’s snorkels into one. With a low-profile dry top and angled purge chamber, staying dry has never been easier.

Bonito Sports Snorkel

The Bonito SportSnorkel is a semi dry snorkel. It has the a splash guard on the top, to minimise water entry, and a purge valve on the bottom to help you clear your snorkel in an easier fashion.

Problue SN-1092 Free Diving Snorkel

Problue SN-1092 Free Diving Snorkel is a low profile and light weight snorkel. Ideal for free diving.

IST SN-203 Snorkel

The IST Snorkel SN203 is the most versatile snorkel offered by IST. It offers a dry valve that enables the dive snorkel to be completely dry while submerged under water.

ScubaPro Trinidad Snorkel


ScubaPro Trinidad Snorkel

The new Trinidad Adult Snorkel offers a semi-dry design with a splashguard on top to prevent water from entering the large bore barrel.

Gull Super Bullet Mini Snorkel

Gull Super Bullet Mini Snorkel is ideal for women, this mini-size mask for scuba diving and skin diving now partners our sought-after snorkel.

Problue Tiara 2 Snorkel

The Problue Tiara 2 Snorkel is a simply designed, semi dry snorkel.

IST SN-60 Snorkel

IST SN60 Snorkel has a semi-dry water deflector on the top of the snorkel prevents nearly any water from splashing into the breathing tube. A large, supple purge valve allows for easy clearing in the case the snorkel is completely submerged.

IST SN-36 Snorkel

The tube and mouthpiece of IST SN-36 Snorkel are made entirely from top grade silicone. The angle of the mouthpiece allows the user to breathe easily with relaxed jaw muscles. This stylish spearfishing / free diving snorkel is supple and comfortable to use in any condition.

A snorkel is a device used for breathing air from above the surface when the wearer’s head is face downwards in the water with the mouth and the nose submerged. It may be either separate or integrated into a swimming or diving mask.

The integrated version is only suitable for surface snorkeling, while the separate device may also be used for underwater activities such as spearfishing, freediving, fin swimming, underwater hockey, underwater rugby and for surface breathing with scuba equipment. 


Swimmers Snorkel

A swimmer’s snorkel is a tube bent into a shape often resembling the letter “L” or “J”, fitted with a mouthpiece at the lower end and constructed of scuba light metal, rubber or plastic. The snorkel may come with a rubber loop or a plastic clip enabling the snorkel to be attached to the outside of the head strap of the diving mask. Although the snorkel may also be secured by tucking the tube between the mask-strap and the head, this alternative strategy can lead to physical discomfort, mask leakage or even snorkel loss.

Swimmers Snorkel

Snorkels constitute respiratory dead space. When the user takes in a fresh breath, some of the previously exhaled air which remains in the snorkel is inhaled again, reducing the amount of fresh air in the inhaled volume, and increasing the risk of a build-up of carbon dioxide in the blood, which can result in hypercapnia. The greater the volume of the tube, and the smaller the tidal volume of breathing, the more this problem is exacerbated.

A smaller diameter tube reduces the dead volume, but also increases resistance to airflow and so increases the work of breathing. Including the internal volume of the mask in the breathing circuit greatly expands the dead space. Occasional exhalation through the nose while snorkeling with a separate snorkel will slightly reduce the buildup of carbon dioxide, and may help in keeping the mask clear of water, but in cold water it will increase fogging. To some extent the effect of dead space can be counteracted by breathing more deeply and slowly, as this reduces the dead space ratio and the work of breathing.