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Cressi Calibro Mask

The Cressi Calibro dive mask is a low-volume mask that is designed with angled lenses, giving the diver a wider field of view.  Ideal for free diving.

Cressi 2000HF Fins


Cressi 2000HF Fins

Introducing the Cressi 2000HF Fins, the first fin in the world to be made by combining three different materials. The blade is made from a special and incredibly reactive polypropylene.

Cressi Zeus Mask

Cressi Zeus Diving Mask is the perfect mask for diving. This mask has a particular tapered structure deriving directly from the highly popular Nano-mask patent. An exclusive Cressi Offline Atelier Product: This product can only be sold offline, in-store. Please visit us in store to view! Cressi Atelier Product

IST Hunter Mask

IST MP203 Hunter Dive Mask is the top series of IST Sports that comes with fine quality and design. It is absolutely a must for all free diving enthusiast. Being a low volume mask, It is a free dive favourite. With the highest quality silicone available. It offers a soft comfortable seal.

Problue SN-1092 Free Diving Snorkel

Problue SN-1092 Free Diving Snorkel is a low profile and light weight snorkel. Ideal for free diving.

Spare Air

The Spare Air 300-N Package includes a sized Holster (PN:973) with two quick release straps.

Uncoated Lead Weights

Lead scuba weights are a crucial component of every diver’s gear collection. Select yours today!

IST Coated Lead Weights

Slotted Lead Weights for standard weight belt configurations or it can be placed in weight belt pockets; or your BCD trim pockets.

Trident Sterisol Disinfectant

Sterisol is completely safe for all plastics, rubbers and silicones and will not affect regulator diaphragms. When used as directed, it will clean and deodorise mouthpieces including removing mould and fungus that may be lurking on rental equipment. Sterisol is ideal for reducing odours in closed breathing apparatus.

Problue Rubber Weightbelt WB-04A

Rubber weight belt provides snug fit! They expand and contract to the water pressure when diving providing maximum comfort when descending and ascending.

Problue Freediving Buoy AC-107-6

Whether you are a beginner or professional, a freediving buoy is essential for all freedivers in open water.

Gull Fin Bag GB-7145

Perfect bag for your Gull Barracuda or Gull Skin fins! This bag comes with a blade guard to protect the fin blade tips!

Get the best freediving accesseries to make your next diving experience a success. Snorkel and dive fins, or diving mask alone? No matter what you decide on getting for yourself this year we can help with that! Check out our reviews of some of the top brands in today’s market: Aqua Lung, Mares , Omer….

freediving accesseries

Just freediving is not an easy task. One needs to have the right gear for it, so here are some of the best free-dive equipment you can get your hands on: a mask and fins, or even just a snorkel! There’s also another part that makes all this possible – without which none of these would be efficient enough.

A place for all free-divers to grab the gear you need for your next Free Diving adventure!