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Gull Super Bullet Snorkel

Gull Super Bullet Snorkel is the top end of snorkel from G series of Gull Line. 100% made in Japan.Extremely easy to clear with twin purge valve technology.

Enabling you to make headway with less water resistance, the streamlined pipe provides great drag reduction. Less drag also means less vibration and discomfort from tube shift.

Everyone loves the easy way Gull snorkels clip to the mask. It is simple to attach and detach the snorkel: just squeeze either side of the clip that attaches to the mask strap.

Doubling the number of valves to two enables you clear much more water from the snorkel much more quickly. The design also effectively channels water that is not expelled away into drainage wells and away from your mouth. Now, you can actually enjoy coming up for air.

With a wide-bore pipe enabling a large volume of air flow, Super Bullet provides the smoothest air intake of all the Gull snorkels.

Adjust the angle of the mouthpiece to get a natural comfortable fit that suits you


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