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Suitable for all types of watersports such as snorkelling, scuba diving, freediving. Highly stretchable material gives you the best comfort and freedom you can find.

  • SCS Material provides the best heat retention
  • Excellent stretchability
  • Excellent abrasion resistance to rubbing
  • Male and female sizes available

Gull SCS Long Pants

Gull SCS Long Pants, featuringĀ the inner Super Composite Skin (SCS) material that can be adapted for different types of watersports such as scuba diving, skin diving or even snorkelling. It is also effective as an outer thermal wear. The hard tech jersey on the hip and knee is strong against wear and tear, making it a durable option for active users throughout the year in various marine sports.

The inside has additional heat retention with the adoption of the SCS material, it can also be used for skin diving and as underwear.

SCS Material: Prevent the conduction and radiation of heat by applying a special coating to the fabric, showing outstanding heat retention effect.

Inospan jersey: GullĀ  has adopted inospan jersey which lasts more than 5 times longer than the normal jersey and also excellent in durability.

Hard Tec Jersey: By adopting a hard-tech jersey resistant to wear on the knee part, it demonstrates abrasion resistance to rubbing on land and ship.


Height 155~165 cm 165~175 cm 175~185 cm 175~185 cm
Chest 82~88 cm 88~96 cm 96~104 cm 104~112 cm
Waist 58~76 cm 76~84 cm 84~94 cm 94~104 cm
Height 154~162 cm 154~162 cm 154~162 cm
Chest 72~80 cm 79~87 cm 86~94 cm
Hips 82~90 cm 87~95 cm 92~100 cm

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