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Gull Mew fin delivering excellent propulsion and easily used by anyone, Mew Fins are the best-choice standard full-foot fins for scuba diving and skin diving.


Gull Mew Safe Fins

Gull  Mew Safe diving fins deliver excellent propulsion and easily used by anyone, Best-choice for standard full-foot fins for scuba diving and skin diving.

  • Made of Kinugawa Rubber from Japan
  • Very long lasting rubber material
  • Different parts of the fins are made of different softness and rigid rubber to aid your finning efficiency
Size Barefoot Mew boot short Mew boot 5mm Mew boot skin hot boot
S 23~24cm 22~23cm 22~23cm
MS 24~25cm 23~24cm 23~24cm 22~23cm 22~23cm
M 25~26cm 24~25cm 24~25cm 23~24cm 23~24cm
L 27~28cm 25~26cm 25~26cm 24~25cm 24~25cm
XL 28~29cm 27~28cm 27~28cm 25~26cm 25~26cm

Made from Kinugawa Rubber
Fins made by specialist domestic makers, during FY 2016 in diving shops in Japan, Gull rubber fins were the top sellers

Established in 1995, Gull has an extended history in research and development and remains today’s leader in the design and manufacturing of high-quality scuba diving equipment. Gull continues to push beyond outdated diving conventions so that you continue to better enjoy your underwater experiences safely, comfortably, and efficiently.

Scuba Warehouse brings the best dive  equipment and accessories from Gull for divers of all level. May it be mask, Snorkel or fins, Gulls innovation on design and colours will let you customise your own style without compromising safety.

Come shop with us at Scuba Warehouse today for all your diving needs. Our Friendly stuffs are alway ready to assist you and share some advice for your next diving trip.

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