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The Cressi Giotto Dive Computer has been designed to allow any level of recreational diver to pick it up and start using it without any confusion. New material choices also make the Cressi Giotto lightweight and compact by using a thinner but stronger housing and components.

High Definition Screen is easy to read at a glance and has a clearly visible battery life indicator and large digits against a back-lit screen. The distinct audible alarm alerts you to critical information on the screen.

Improved Design using a new polymer; unseen in the industry yet which is rigid and impact resistant which creates extra space inside that has allowed for further development of the electronics for a more advanced dive computer. The screen has been enlarged for clearer visibility without affecting the overall size of the unit. The electronics and motherboard of the Giotto have been specifically designed to be very energy efficient for a longer battery life. Three button operating buttons have been fitted in to the casing make the menu system simple to use.

Collaborative Algorithm developed by Cressi and Bruce Wienk and is based upon the Haldane model improves safety on multi-day dive trips. The algorithm integrates ‘Reduced Gradient Bubble Model’ (RGBM) to ensure safe decompression calculations. A deep stop option has also been included to offer a deeper decompression stop which can be switched on and off as required by the diver. The dive computer supports the use of air and nitrox mixes up to 99% with control over the PPO2 values between 1.2 and 1.6.

This product has been discontinued.

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