Free Diving Mask

A freediving mask is one of the most essential pieces of freediving gear that a diver can have during a breath hold. If your mask leaks, has too much volume, or is a challenge to equalise, you’ll struggle to have a successful dive.

When the diver descends, the ambient pressure rises, and it becomes necessary to equalise the pressure inside the mask with the external ambient pressure to avoid the barotrauma known as mask squeeze, This is done by allowing sufficient air to flow out through the nose into the mask to relieve the pressure difference. This requires the nose to be included in the airspace of the mask. Equalisation during ascent is automatic as excess air inside the mask easily leaks out past the seal.

A wide range of viewport shapes and internal volumes are available, and each design will generally fit some shapes of face better than others. A good comfortable fit and a reliable seal around the edges of the rubber skirt is important to the correct function of the mask.

Freediving is diving underwater (usually in the ocean) without using a breathing apparatus (air carried in tanks on their backs or supplied through a hose). Free divers practice holding their breath for long periods of time so that they can stay underwater longer.

Usually free divers stay underwater for about 45 seconds. That allows them to explore about 30 feet underwater. Some freedivers can dive to over 100 metres (300 feet), and hold their breath for four minutes or longer.

In Greek, “Apnea” means “Without air” and free-diving is called “Apnea”. Free-diving is similar to snorkeling, but divers need to hold their breath if they go in deep water. Free-diving doesn’t need tools for breathing. Free-divers hold their breath until going up to the surface of the sea instead of using an air tank. Therefore, the most important part of free-diving is learning to breathe well. Most people can free-dive since it doesn’t need a snorkel or scuba tank. However, free-divers condition their mind and body before going free-diving. The right free diving mask is also very important to make use you have a comfortable descend.