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OMS Slipstream Fins

The OMS Slipstream Fins sports a design similar to the venerable Jet Fin, but instead of rubber, it’s made out of Monoprene resin –– a thermoplastic elastomer that delivers rubber-like performance but is much lighter. Indeed, this fin looks heavy, but it weighs no more than many modern fin designs.

OMS Spring Heels for Slipstream Fins


OMS Spring Heel Straps

OMS Spring Heel Straps for Slipstream Fins can be worn with most fin types. OMS Spring Heels provide divers excellent fit and comfort and make the divers fins easy to don  and doff quickly.

OMS Tattoo Mask

OMS Tattoo Dive Mask is a one Window frameless mask with an ultra low volume.

OMS Safety Set I


OMS Safety Set I

Shooting a Surface Marker Buoy is a skill all new divers learn and all divers use. The Safety I Kit is perfect for new divers and most traveling divers. A 3.3’ SMB works well in tropical locations and conditions with calmer seas.

OMS Safety Set II


OMS Safety Set II

Make sure the boat can see you by using a taller SMB. The OMS Safety Kit  II include a 6’ SMB which is ideal in rougher waters.

OMS Nylon Cam Band with Plastic Buckle



  • Stainless plastic buckle with nylon webbing
  • Use with 7.25 inch or 8 inch diameter tanks
  • Includes friction pad for secure tank attachment


The OMS Comfort Backplate pad adds a layer of padding to OMS steel or aluminium backplates, fixing bolts are included

OMS Power Inflator

This is one of our standard power inflator with the mouth piece protruding outward at a 45 degree angle. It has a great ergonomic design for inflating and deflating. Fits most BCDs on the market that require a 1in inner diameter corrugated hose. Also has a steel pin for BCDs that use a pull to dump feature.

OMS Trim Weight Pocket

Get a better trim and buoyancy for your dives with the OMS Trim Weight Pocket. Made from heavy duty 1000 Denier Nylon, this trim pocket is very durable. It features a velcro closure for you to secure the weight pocket, and is designed to be mounted on 2 inch webbing, vertically or horizontally.

OMS Thigh Pocket



  • Velcro® Flap Closure w/ metal D-ring
  • Interior plastic D-ring
  • 1680 Cordura® construction
  • Interior Urethane Coating

OMS 45 lbs Performance Double Wing

OMS 45 lbs Performance Double Wing The OMS 45 lb Performance Double Wing is a donut-style wing allowing quick and

OMS 27 lbs Performance Mono Wing

OMS 27 lbs Performance Mono Wing The OMS Performance Mono Wing is a donut-style wing allowing quick and easy movement