Dive Accessories

Dive Accessories that every diver will need to make sure from the start to the end of the dive, is smooth sailing.

From dive spot lights to compass, SMB to Dive Knife, everything you can think of can be found at Scuba Warehouse.

Stylish accessories sets you apart from the rest. Dive in style with multiple colours accessories and differentiate yourself underwater for easy recognition.

Safety accessories will make a big difference in life and death situations. With the correct and trusted safety equipments, your diving partner can trust their life in your hands and vice versus.

At scuba warehouse, we have all the accessories needed to make diving easier, tidier or improve the functionality of different pieces of diving scuba diving equipment including clips and lanyards to attach torches to a BCD, tools and temporary repair kits to keep you diving if there is an equipment problem.

Slates, interface kits for dive computers and a huge range of accessories and extension components for underwater still and video cameras including lighting rigs, video lights flashes, mounts & adapters, and maintenance kits.