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Scuba Warehouse Singapore is fast becoming to be your to-go diving store when you need to get your scuba diving gear in Singapore. Having established ourselves in Malaysia and Taiwan, rest assured that you will shop in confidence with us even when you are overseas. We are in here for the long haul!

With a large floor area for your comfortable browsing in-store and knowledgeable staff, we will be here to answer any questions you have

about any scuba diving gear or even just to exchange some diving experience! A complete scuba diving retail solution for you at any time!

From stocking a wide variety of diving gear for you to choose from, scuba diving equipment rental,  equipment servicing & dive computer battery change, air refill on the spot, we surely can complete all your scuba diving needs.

Dive Mask

Dive Fins

Dive Wear


Scuba Diving Gear for Beginners

Dive Wear Singapore

We have a range suitable for you as an add-on, to mix and match the scuba diving jacket and diving pants, a good range of wetsuits, along with the diving hood or hooded vest to pair with.

BCD & Regulator

When you are ready for this bigger investment, why not look for us for better advice? Of course, there’s readily available a vast library of information out there. But how do you narrow down to what suits you, and what suits you not? Talk to us for better advice on what is best suitable for you!

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