The MK2 EVO is the only downstream piston style first stage in its price range to offer systems and internal components specifically designed to resist freezing in extreme cold-water conditions.



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Scubapro MK2 Evo R095 Regulator

The Scubapro MK2 Evo R095 Regulator is the perfect go-anywhere reg for both new divers and veterans who like to keep their diving simple and fun.

For decades the classic downstream piston MK2 has been diving’s go-to workhorse first stage. It is reliable, easy to use and won’t put too big a dent in your wallet, and now it’s more versatile than ever.

The new MK2 EVO comes with the patent-pending Extended Thermal Insulating System (XTIS). A new system that allows you to enjoy an ultra-fast breathing response and maximum airflow with minimal effort — regardless of how cold the water is.

In addition, the MK2 EVO is also now more compact than the standard MK2. But despite that, it is able to pump out 15 percent more airflow. So, with this, you can be assured top-notch breathing performance whether you’re reef diving in the warm Caribbean or wreck diving in the chilly Great Lakes.

The R095 is a modern second stage design based on the heritage of the time-honoured R190. It combines a classic downstream valve with a large diaphragm, functional purge button for smooth and easy operation.

Great for all new divers as well as veterans. The Scubapro MK2Evo R095 Regulator  is simple, dependable and can handle all types of water temperatures.

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