Made of mineral glass, this gauge offers absolute clarity underwater.



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OMS Pressure Gauge 52mm 

The OMS Pressure Gauge 52mm is the perfect pressure gauge for any dive. Available in 360 bar, this is a real good gauge available by OMS Dive.

The tempered mineral glass, nearly scratch resistant, extends the life of your pressure gauge. The durable brass nickel plated body can be used with or without a gauge boot.

Highly visible phosphorescent bezel allows for easy pressure reading in any environment. And comes with a double ended o ring air spool for swivel hose installation.

You can choose from a range of high pressure hose available in store, and we will fit it up for you.

Standard Features of a SPG
  • Easy to read and understand, because you use your SPG constantly during a dive to monitor your air supply.
  • Securely attached so you can quickly and easily find it. Plus, you don’t want your SPG dangling, causing drag, hitting sensitive aquatic life or becoming damaged.

WARNING: All OMS® Brass Glass SPG’s while robust, are precision instruments and designed to be used with protective plastic boot (included). Failure to use this boot can result in catastrophic impact damage to the case causing Bourdon tube assembly and tempered glass lens failure. This damage is not covered under OMS® warranty

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