Scubapro Mesh Sack


This lightweight nylon mesh backpack is the perfect carryall for snorkelling gear or tropical dive gear. The durable soft mesh material is strong enough to hold a lot of cargo. A new two-strap backpack system makes hands-free gear carrying easier than ever.

Scubapro Mesh Sack

Th Scubapro Mesh Sack is a lightweight nylon mesh backpack. Able to hold a full set gear, this backpack is the perfect carryall for your snorkelling gear or tropical dive gear.

Bag opening is secured with a top rope fitted with a sliding, spring-loaded button closure. Like all dive gears, do wash with fresh water after use to prevent the closure from clogging up with salt.

Features a main compartment and a front exterior pocket. The main compartment is used to handle the larger gears, while the exterior pocket can be used to stow your smaller accessories. The bag also features backpack straps for easy transport or carriage of the bag while on the go.

Very easy to store when not in use, as it folds easily into a compact size.

For more information on the look and design, please refer to the image gallery.

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