Gull Coco Fins


Gull Coco Diving Fins are an ideal fins for many women and beginners for the lighter kick and comfortable feel of these ideal lightweight strap fins. Great for scuba diving and skin diving.


Gull Coco Fins

The Gull Coco fins are a pair of well designed open heel fins, produced specifically for people with smaller feet and maybe not as strong leg muscles. With that being said, they are also beautifully manufactured and is bound to give you many years of great diving.

You can pair the Coco fins with either thin neoprene socks or light weight neoprene booties. Or as some do… bare foot. The choice is entirely yours but one thing is for certain, you will not be disappointed with the purchase. These fins are also great for diving at depths where the line of sight or visibility might not be as good  such as Pulau Hantu, just 5km away from the South coast of Singapore.

The Lateral Flex of the blade firmly catches water. The channeling effect and jet holes smooth send water backwards, thus generates strong propulsion even for divers who are unsure of their leg strength.

The DX Spec Fin Buckle easier to deal with. With a better-designed center guide, the quick-release locking mechanism can be latched and detached even by weak and tired hands. Less force is also required with the improved strap adjustment button. As required, you can easily fine tune the strap fitting.


Caribbean Blue, Coral Orange, Havana Pink, Neon Shimmer

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