Atomic TI2 Octopus

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Atomic TI2 Octopus

Similar to Atomic T2 primary, the Atomic Ti2 octopus is immune to the performance degrading effects of sea water corrosion. The patented Atomic Aquatics Seat Saving Orifice helps prevent wear of the low-pressure seat. And this in turn helps increase its reliability and a longer service interval.

The regulator is compact with a low profile exhaust deflector that fits easily into pockets. Comes in a bright neon yellow flexible front cover and an extra-long 36″ hose. The TI2 Octopus is easy to spot and can stretch a long distance to reach your dive buddy in the case of an emergency. The Ti2 also includes the AFC Automatic Flow Control and Rapid Adjustment knob.

Easy to use and highly reliable, this octopus is good to pair with any other Atomic primary regulators.



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