Prescription Dive Mask

Choosing a Prescription Scuba Mask

Scuba diving is an aquatic sport loved by many. Among scuba diving equipment, the diving mask plays a crucial role. As important as it is to have a high-quality scuba mask, it is vital to have an accurate vision along with it. At present, nearly half of the population wears corrective lenses due to various sight-related issues. The situation is the same when it comes to divers. As it is impossible to wear spectacles or corrective lenses underwater due to various reasons, many divers experience blurry visions while diving. However, technological advancements in the diving industry have made things easy for divers who use spectacles or corrective lenses with the invention of prescription scuba masks. The prescription scuba mask is a replacement for corrective lenses and spectacles. Unlike normal scuba masks, it gives an accurate vision to divers who have sight issues. 

Pros and Cons of Scuba Masks with Prescription Lenses

Just like any other diving equipment, prescription scuba masks come with their own set of pros and cons. 

  • Pros
  1. As prescription lenses correct your vision, prescription scuba masks can provide you with clear vision. With a good prescription scuba mask, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the world underwater just like how you see the world with spectacles or contact lenses. 
  1. If you are intending to invest money in a scuba mask, getting one with prescription lenses can give you a long-term solution to your sight-related issues.
  1. Prescription scuba masks can be customized. Even if you have poor vision sans glasses, you can get your diving mask customized to correct it as prescribed. 
  • Cons 
  1. It is no secret that prescription masks are more expensive compared to regular masks. However, if you choose your vision over the price, this is undoubtedly a worthy option. 
  1. Pre-made prescription lenses have limited variations. The typical cap for nearsighted lenses is between -8.0 and -10.0. Rarely does a farsighted correction exceed +4.0 or +5.0. You might need to work with a bespoke lensmaker if your lens strength is more than that.

What to Consider When Buying a Prescription Mask?

Choosing a prescription scuba mask can be a difficult task if you are a novice diver. Here’s what you should consider when you are looking for one:

  1. The Lens: The thickness of the lens depends on the strength of your vision. Once you get your prescription from an optician, you may check the availability of suitable lenses on the market. If you are lucky enough to find a pre-made pair of lenses, you’ll be saving the customization cost.
  1. The Price: The price of prescription scuba masks depends on the lens specifications and the manufacturer. While ready-made prescription lenses cost you a moderate amount of money, highly customized lenses can cost you more, depending on your requirement. 

Top Prescription Scuba Masks in 2023

Need a prescription scuba mask? Here are the top prescription scuba masks that Scuba Warehouse Singapore offers:

1. Apollo Bio-Metal Mask

Apollo Bio-Metal Mask is an excellent scuba mask that gives you accurate vision underwater. It comes with a lightweight, ultra-slim, anodized aluminum frame. It has low-profile twin lenses with a 7mm center post for an unobstructed view and a low-volume design. The silicon skirt fits well, sealing the divers eyes from water, and it comes in two colors- transparent and black. This innovative prescription scuba mask comes in a wide range of colors including aquamarine, black, navy, purple, silver, and yellow, and you can select what suits your style. Manufactured in Japan, this mask is reputed for its strength and durability.

2. TUSA M-212 Ceos Mask

The Tusa M-212 Ceos Mask is a premium scuba diving mask with minimal volume, a low profile, and two windows for attaining an unprecedented level of precise fit. It makes use of Tusa’s patented Freedom technology, which has features that can be adjusted to fit a person’s particular facial form. For simple and quick adjustments, it has a low profile buckle mechanism that has been specially created. For less leakage and greater comfort, Tusa Freedom CEOS is incorporated with a dimpled skirt in the crucial facial areas, particularly around the forehead and cheekbones. Coming in a variety of colors to suit every diver’s preference, this mask is ideal for divers with special visionary conditions. 

3. Hollis M3 Mask

This mask provides you with distortion-free vision with its low profile design, rigid frame, and two extra clear glass lenses. Its higher light transmittance and the diminished green tinge are produced by the low iron concentration and they eliminate lens distortion and enhance color and visibility underwater, in low-light environments. The Hollis M3 Mask is strong, durable, suitable for long-term usage and comes in two colors black and transparent.

How to Care for Your Prescription Mask

A prescription scuba mask is a long-term investment. It is important that you take good care of it. Ideally, rinse the mask with fresh water after every dive and dry it well before storing it in the casing. To make your prescription mask long-lasting, avoid strong sun exposure and guard it against scratching.

Where to Buy the Best Prescription Dive Masks in Singapore?

Being in the industry for years, Scuba Warehouse offers the best prescription dive masks in Singapore at competitive rates. Pay a visit to our flagship store in Singapore or browse through our scuba gear catalog online to choose the prescription scuba mask that suits you best. We have a large collection of masks coming from leading brands to cater to every diver’s sight requirements.