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 Best Dive Shop in Singapore

Diving is not a new subject to those who are adventurous and interested in exploring the deep sea. Whether you are a professional diver or enjoy doing it as a hobby, you need to be well equipped when you go for a dive in the sea. Especially, if you are a beginner who is willing to learn how to dive, you need to have the proper guidance to experience the beauty of underwater without risking your safety. Like every sport, diving as well carries a considerable amount of danger as you cannot always predict what would happen once you are behind the waves. Most diving accidents occur due to the rough sea, failure of diving equipment, and also by encountering dangerous aquatic species. The key to avoiding most accidents is to purchase or hire your diving equipment from a recognized dive shop. In this article, you are going to learn about the best dive shop in Singapore and what to look for when you are choosing a reliable dive shop. 

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Dive Shop in Singapore

Before you choose a dive shop, it is always good to do a brief research about the place on your own. You can either search for information online or visit the shop to clear your doubts. Below are a few factors that you need to find out before purchasing or renting any equipment or accepting any service. 

1. The age of the rental gear.

2. The credentials of the staff. 

3. Whether they handle equipment repair.

4. Availability of shower rooms and lockers. 

5. The maximum number of divers that they take on a trip.

6. Their cancellation and refund policy.

In any circumstance, if you find out that the rental gear is not well-maintained or the staff is not enthusiastic about their local dive sites, you have all the rights to turn your head and walk away to another dive shop. 

What Services Do Dive Shops Offer?

Dive shops are not like any other shops where you drop by to purchase goods. Typically, well-established dive shops like Scuba Warehouse Singapore offer three types of services. They are,

1. Comprehensive

In top-notch dive shops, you can find all kinds of diving equipment such as masks, snorkels, wetsuits, BCDs, fins, dive computers, and many more. These diving gear and accessories are up for purchase, and they usually come under a vast range of top-quality brands. If you wish to purchase your own kit of diving gear, you may visit a reliable dive shop in your vicinity. 

2. Dive Gear Rental

Dive gear rental is common in many dive shops. If you are a tourist who visits a dive spot to spend your vacation, the chances that you travel around with all your diving equipment are low. In fact, investing a large sum of money on a complete set of diving equipment is pointless unless you are a professional or a regular diver. Dive shops offer diving gear such as cylinders, masks, snorkels, dive computers, regulators, and BCDs for rental for reasonable rates. Dive gear can be rented for special events, photo shoots, and other kinds of short-term purposes under the terms and conditions of the particular dive shop.

3. Equipment Servicing

Equipment servicing is another service offered by high-end dive shops. Ideally, scuba diving equipment should be properly serviced once a year. If not, the regular servicing of your dive gear has to be done according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Failing to service your dive gear on time makes your dive extremely risky. However, you can drop by a reliable dive shop to get your equipment serviced for a safe dive.

Visit the Best Dive Shop in Singapore

If you are wishing to enjoy the best diving experience of your life, make sure to visit Scuba Warehouse SG. Being a leading dive shop in Singapore, Scuba Warehouse has been thriving in the industry, providing high-quality diving equipment, accessories, and dive wear. At Scuba Warehouse Singapore, you can either purchase or rent diving gear for reasonable rates according to your requirement. The equipment on rental at the Scuba Warehouse is serviced annually and they guarantee to provide divers with adequate safety. If you are looking to rent out diving gear for a special event such as a photoshoot, Scuba Warehouse is the way to go. 

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