Scuba Diving Gears Rental

Dive gears can be hired from us should you require them during your dive trip. We keep the scuba diving gear in good condition by having them serviced every six months.

You will be sure of getting reliable equipment rental through us in Singapore.

Item Rental Rate (based on per diving day)          
Mask SGD $4 per day
Snorkel SGD $3 per day
Corrective lens (-2.0 to -8.5) SGD $10 per pair / per day
Fins – Full Foot SGD $4 per day
Fins – Open Heel (Booty not available) SGD $8 per day
Wetsuit – Shorty SGD $10 per day
Wetsuit – Fullsuit SGD $20 per day
BCD SGD $12 per day
Regulator set SGD $15 per day
Weight belt SGD $2 per day
Dive torch SGD $10 per night dive
Dive computer (Suunto Zoop) SGD $25 per day
Digital underwater camera SGD $50 per day
Tank Rental SGD $25 per tank
Lead Weights (1 kg = 2.2lb) SGD $2 per piece, per day
Air refill SGD $20 per refill
Oxygen refill Upon request
Helium refill Upon request