Sea And Sea YS-D2 Strobe


Sea And Sea YS-D2 Strobe

Gear up with the Sea and Sea YS-D2 Strobe, and be prepared for a fun filled underwater photography experience. Ergonomically designed, the knobs and buttons are very easy to handle. Giving you a better chance to snap those precious moments, when photography opportunities do arise.

Featuring an illuminated control panel, the strobe is great for night diving, as it allows you to see which mode it is in. Aqua blue, for DS-TTL mode, blue for slave TTL mode, orange for manual pre-flash mode, and green for manual mode without pre-flash.

The guide number also comes with a maximum power of 32. Meaning that you will be able to illuminate a wide area, even when under very bright conditions with plenty of natural sunlight.

Comes with two diffusers and red filters. The diffuser allows you to have a more soft and even light, while the red filter helps avoid disturbing skittish creatures that are more sensitive to normal lights.

For more information on the look and design, please refer to the image gallery.