Scubapro Galileo Sol


Scubapro Galileo Sol

Introducing the Scubapro Galileo Sol, one of the smartest wrist mount dive computer out in the market. Not only does it offer navigation and computation features, it also comes with personalisation capabilities! So, how cool is that!

The Galileo Sol features a wide range of specs such as hoseless air integration, heart rate monitor synchronisation and all the basic features of a dive computer. With the hoseless air integration, it can handle three nitrox mixes up to 100 percent O2. While the heart rate monitor synchronisation allows you to track your heart rate and body temperature, thus providing useful information that is specific to just your physiology. This greatly increases your underwater efficiency and adds layers of safety to your diving.

And despite being a fully loaded dive computer, the Galileo Sol is surprisingly easy to use. With three clearly marked buttons, you can easily navigate through the system with a breeze. Moreover, you can also rotate the screen 180 degrees, and the dive computer can be worn with buttons on top or bottom. And another cool feature to mention! The digital compass is equipped with a half-compass rose technology, allowing it to operate even at a full 90-degree tilt. A true aid to underwater navigation.

For more information on the look and design, please refer to the image gallery.