Scubapro Chromis


Scubapro Chromis

The Scubapro Chromis is a wristwatch-style dive computer design primarily for certified air and nitrox divers.

Offering all of SCUBAPRO’s core dive computer features except Predictive Multi-gas (PMG), the CHROMIS is a true beauty with its large display and extra-sharp alphanumeric characters. Featuring four control buttons, this dive computer is very easy to navigate through the menus. Moreover, it also comes with an intuitive mode indicator, which allows you to know where exactly you are in the system.

Full timekeeping functions are also present, and furthermore, the Chromis comes with four modes: Swim, Scuba, Gauge and Freediving. For swim mode, you are able to count the number of strokes that you have taken. So, how cool is that!

And besides functional, the Chromis is beautiful in design as well. Available in a wide assortment of colours. For more information on the look and design, please refer to the image gallery.