Scubapro Aladin Sport (Matrix)


Scubapro Aladin Sport (Matrix)

Introducing the Scubapro Aladin Sport (Matrix), a great dive computer designed for divers, ranging from recreational to technical diving.

Featuring a metallic silver faceplate and easy-to-read display, this dive computer is very durable and highly readable underwater.

The computer screen features an easy-to-read segmented display on both the top and middle rows. It also includes an eye-pleasing matrix display on the bottom row where you’ll also find an easy-to-use on-board digital compass.

It comes with three modes: Scuba, Freediving and Gauge.

Dive logs can be stored and analyzed with a PC/Mac via new Bluetooth® wireless technology. The LogTRAK App for iOS devices is now available on the Apple App Store.

Available as a wrist mount or as a capsule in a two-gauge console. For more information on the look and design, please refer to the image gallery.