Gull Trekker Roller Bag


Gull Trekker Roller Bag

Travelling around the world with all your scuba gears can be quite a hassle at times. Especially, when you own a huge collection of them. But fret not, as with the Gull Trekker Roller Bag, this is now an issue of the past. Designed to accommodate 70L of items, this bag is able to hold at least a person to two’s scuba diving equipments.

Elegantly shaped and strategically crafted, this dive trolley bag is made from plastic case and polyester to make it lightweight (4.6kg) and provide a good protection all round. It comes with several convenient storage pockets. Handy for stowing accessories and smaller items.

The telescoping handle adjusts easily with just a push, and comes with three heights to so that you can find the best handle height. Moreover, it works extremely well with the additional auxiliary strap located in the top pocket. To give you the option to stack another additional travel carrier bag.