Gull Cocoloa Coco Mask


Gull Cocoloa Coco Mask

Building on the Gull Coco mask success, comes the all new Gull Cocoloa Coco Mask. Similar to the Gull Coco, it is a single lens mask, that offers superior field of vision. Made in Japan and with high quality silicone, it is extremely comfortable to wear. The nose pockets are designed to fit most asian ladies, thus greatly enhancing the equalising ability while diving.

We highly recommend this mask for all Beginner to Professional level as the comfort level surpasses all other masks.

Moreover, being a limited edition product, it comes with an additional mask pad. A great bonus as you now won’t have to purchase another separate mask pad!

Cocoloa Coco Mask comes in 4 colours: Pink Blue/Clear Silicone, Pink/Clear Silicone, Pink/Black Silicone, and Pink Blue/Black Silicone. For more information, please look in the photo gallery.