Cressi Modular Carbon Fin

Fin with interchangeable carbon blade, very lightweight and reactive, suitable for advanced apnea or deep sea spearfishing. Directional carbon blade to ensure the response and thrust that only composite fibres can deliver. The new ‘Self-adjusting Foot Pocket’ in a two-material moulded construction features a particularly soft longitudinal upper section for improved comfort even if you are wearing thick diving socks. Similarly to the rest of fins in the Cressi range, the Gara Modular Carbon blades are the result of an industrial manufacturing system that ensures the highest precision standards while complying with strict technical parameters that cannot be attained if traditional methods are applied. Another important and exclusive feature of the material used is that these fins are built to last and theirperformance remains unchanged over time. Even after some intense and lengthy use, the blade does not yield or lose its original technical characteristics.

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Cressi Modular Carbon Fin features

  • An interchangeable blade which is very lightweight and reactive and also well-adapted for advanced freediving and spearfishing.