Cressi AC2 XS Compact Regulator


Cressi AC2 XS Compact Regulator

The Cressi AC2 XS Compact Regulator is an exceptionally dependable non-balanced flow-by-piston designed 1st stage regulator. Great for use as new divers’ rig, or for use as a stage bottle regulator system. It comes with a fail-safe design that allows it to deliver air even when there is a first stage failure.

The 1st stage is made from marine grade chromed brass to ensure long life and durability. It comes with 1 high and 4 low pressure threaded ports. Furthermore, to ensure a higher air flow, a conical filter is used for the 1st stage regulator.

While for the 2nd Stage housing, durable non-corrosive hi-tech polymers is used. This greatly reduces the weight of the regulator, and significantly reduces jaw fatigue while diving. Flow of air is channeled to the mouthpiece by injection, greatly enhancing the breathing performance. The 2nd stage comes with a flow deviator that acts on the venturi effect, with dive/pre-dive adjustment function. Large soft purge cover allows easy clearing of 2nd stage and a comfortable silicone mouthpiece for breathing comfort.

The XS Compact AC2 Regulator weighs 35 oz. (994 g) with hose and comes with an owner’s manual.

Comes in an array of colours for you to match with your other gears. For more information, please refer to the image gallery.