Atomic T3 Regulator


Atomic T3 Regulator

Gear up with the all new Atomic T3 Regulator, and prepare for a diving experience like never before!

Made from Titanium, the Atomic T3 is corrosion resistant and much lighter.

Designed with amazingly light weight and dependable materials, this regulator is highly reliable and excels in delivering unprecedented performance. Moreover, it is also the world’s lightest regulator. Thus, making it a great traveling regulator to own for divers who travel more often around the world.

Featuring a high-flow second stage case and lever design, the Atomic T3 significantly reduces the breathing effort for divers at any depth. It also comes with an all-titanium “comfort” swivel, giving divers better movability and comfort.

When purchased, it comes with a deluxe padded travel bag.

For more information on the look and design, please refer to the image gallery.