Atomic Aquatics Frameless Mask


Optical quality, distortion free UltraClear lenses

Frameless construction is simple, hydrodynamic and leak-free

Extremely large viewing area with low volume

Great fit

Squeeze to adjust buckles

Colours: Black, Clear
At a glance
Coated Lenses No
Frame Type Frameless
Lens Type Single Lens
Low Profile Yes
Narrow Frame / Skirt No
Perscription Lenses No
Purge Valve No
Second Skirt Yes
Side Lenses No
Skirt Material Silicone


Atomic Aquatics Frameless Mask

Atomic Aquatics Frameless Mask is a single lens design with the silicone skirt directly bonded to the glass lens to completely eliminate the need for a bulky structural frame which, in turn, maximises the the field of vision.

As with all Atomic Aquatics products the quality and precision is second to none. Everything about the mask has been carefully thought about, designed and tested to provide unparalleled fit and comfort. The large lens has been made using ‘UltraClear’ glass which is an optical quality glass that offers exceptional high clarity and light transmittance. This extra level of clarity is achieved by removing impurities, such as iron, which would otherwise create the characteristic green tint. The green tint distorts true colours but also lowers light transmittance by reflecting the light rays back out as they hit the impurities. The removal of impurities from the lens allows more light to pass through into the mask, improving vision in low light conditions.